Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fall is back!

The leaves are turning colors, the air is starting to sting your face, and roadies, mountain bikers, and just plain crazies are back to race Cyclocross. This sport...or art form as some would possibly see it, has dominated European and American racing scenes for decades. Cyclocross can be traced back to France and other European countries as a way for competitive road cyclists to stay in shape and have something to do in the fall and winter months. As the sport gained more popularity it became its own season of racing with specialists to that dicipline. It wasn't until the 1970's that Cyclocross gained major popularity in the United States, with organized races starting in New England. Since that point, the US has staged some of the biggest 'Cross races ever over the last several decades.

What's Up With the Costumes?

It has been noticed however that where as the European 'Cross scene is more based around fast paced competition, teams, and lots of sponsorship, the American equivalent (although still being extremely competitive) has been based more on individual glory and individual flair. In the states it is not uncommon to go to a large cross race and find someone racing in a clown costume, or perhaps, as Batman and Robin (as these two sporting racers clearly illustrate above). But in all honesty, it doesn't matter whether your a spectator with a cold beverage, or a comptetitor covered in six inches of mud, 'Cross racing is all about excitement and fun.

Where Can I Find Some of These!

After reading about how great all of this stuff is your probably wondering; "Hey, where do I find some of these races?". Well your in luck because after the popularity of the Marilla Cyclocross and the Bruceton Mills CX Race last year, there is a brand new full line-up of 'Cross races coming to West Virginia this year. The West Virginia Cyclocross Series has five amazing races starting with the B.Y.O.B CX in Huntington, Wv on October 10th, 2009, and ending with the Bruceton Mills CX in Bruceton Mills, Wv on November 21st, 2009. What kind of bike to do you need to ride? Anything that has wheels, brakes, and can handle some uphill and downhill mud riding. Race organizer JR Petsco has been quoted as saying "disc brakes are allowed! Tires of any size are allowed. Bar ends are not. This is NOT a USAC race...We want every and any one to come out and ride/race their bikes and have a good time, we offer as little resistance to that as possible." So Grab your bike and get outside! It's 'Cross season in West Virginia!