Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lib Technologies Boards Are Here!

Whether your looking for the perfect park board or the best all mountain board in the world, look no further than Lib Technologies! The patented Magne-Traction serrated edges cut into the snow like a knife, giving you more edge hold and control than ever before. Magne-Traction features 7 strategically located and sized bumps along each side of your sidecut. The Biggest bumps are at and between your feet where your balance is centered adding maximum control and power where you need it most! Magne-Traction is Wiggles that work!

Lib-Tech's all terrain freestyle snowboard specific geometries met with overwhelming success in '09 board tests...Banana Tech-"rocker between your feet"- and Magne-Traction- strategically located serrated edges- are revolutinary departures from traditional ski based, one pressure point, cambered snowboard designs. Both designs are premised on the fact that snowboarders ride with two feet on one board in a wide, stable freestlye stance. Magne-Traction improves edgehold, and Banana completely reworks the snowboard pressure map...full edge contact in maintained but edge pressure is now focused between and at your feet, the board is pre-bent into a natural turning arc and the tips and tails are less weighted for lift, deflection and catch free jib insanity!

Banana-Mag snowboards are easier to ride everywhere for everyone! The Future is Bananas!