Wednesday, November 18, 2009

So the 2010 Season is about to kick off and K2 Snowboards is ready to hit the mountain with a full line of amazing products. Here is a quick look at some of the products that K2 and its pros have worked hard to perfect over the last three seasons! Make sure to come down and check these products and the full K2 Snowboard Line out first hand at Pathfinder of West Virginia!

K2 Believer: Team Driven from Start to Finish

Voted the overall winner for Men’s premium snowboards in Transworld Snowboarding’s 2008/2009 Annual Good Wood test, our team has taken that model and pushed it to the next level.
This year the team requested we add our all NEW! Flatline Technology to make the Believer even better. We answered. The slightly longer tip and tail and Twin-tip Hyper Progressive sidecut combined with the Hybritaper Construction instills confidence that every spin will maintain stability and control while the WH3 Core takes lightweight strength and lively flex to new levels.

ALL NEW FLATLINE! Smooth, equal pressure everywhere, creating the perfect balance of stability and versatility. Instantly get that broken in and comfortable feel with the brand new Pop and responsiveness of a brand new stick. FLATLINE is the most balanced ride for the aspiring and accomplished pro’s who need one board to do it all. Why did we make this one? The team demanded it. 

WH3 Core: Three species of renewable wood are assembled to optimize strength, reduce weight, and enhance damping without the addition of other materials.WH3 adds two strips of HONEYKOMB material between the bindings and the rails. We use urethane skinned HONEYKOMB in our top-of-the-line cores. Simply stronger, lighter, and damper than the wood it replaces. We keep the tip-to-tail, rail-to-rail wood performance by inserting HONEYKOMB only on the lower surface of the core. You get all the benefits of HONEYKOMB partnered with the tried and true performance of wood. Matrix 1 Carbon Torsion Forks have been extended to the very edge of the board for maximum power and pop combined with a fine-tuned edge hold and torsional stability.

K2 Darko Conda Boa Boot: Freestyle Domination!


Ride anything - stomp everything. The new Darko BC's easy adjustment on the fly lets you loosen up for extra tweaking mobility or lock down your liners when things get critical.
Perfect for powder runs in the morning and destroying the park in the afternoon, the Darko BC offers limitless adjustment and supreme comfort. New! Harshmellow tech helps absorb shock and increase board feel while the Intuition™ liner provides premium heel hold and flex, keeping you confident and committed even in the sketchiest of situations.

The Boa® Conda System: K2 BOOT COLLECTIVE engineers developed and PATENTED the Boa® CONDA System, allowing precise control of your liner’s ankle support and heel-hold, on-the-fly, from the outside of the boot while your shell is fully laced. The first time you try this, you'll wonder how you ever rode without it.

How it works: The Boa® CONDA minimized harness is securely built into the shell of the boot and tightens around the liner to lock your foot in position. Focus is on the superior ankle support and heel hold. The tension is adjusted using the Boa® H2 reel. The H2 reel anchors the shell and liner together for perfect alignment and the knob stays securely locked in place while riding.

The harness lace is threaded through the interior FLOATING tongue lace guide, allowing the rider to customize the heel hold and fit for maximum comfort.

Harshmellow Technology: Mellow the harshness of impacts and vibrations with Harshmellow. This uniquely formulated synthetic compound is tailored specifically for the needs of K2 boards, boots and bindings. Independently, Harshmellow dampens the specific target vibration for each product. Working together as an integrated board, boot, and binding system, Harshmellow becomes the ultimate in high performance technology making the ride the smoothest ever. All Harshmellow thicknesses work to keep your body at full potential and increase the feel of every product so you can go bigger and ride faster. The combination of all three layers on K2 boards, boots and bindings will be sure to keep you riding S’more.

Also find Harshmellow Technology on the New Auto Binding!

The pro’s top pick featuring the perfect blend of super lightweight performance and entry/exit speed, with our patented Auto Technology. Check the Original Penguin™ design collab for maximum steez.
This year’s Auto is a complete upgrade from last year - including an Original Penguin™ colorway. The NEW! Airlock Highback deletes unnecessary weight and provides direct energy transfer. NEW! Cored Caddy strap cradles your ankle with perfect fit and function while NEW! canted footbeds with Harshmellow combine to create the ultimate response and comfort. A surefire combination you will appreciate on your very first lap!

K2’s newest innovation where the toe strap AUTOmatically closes and opens with the ankle strap. In short, one ratchet, two straps. With super lightweight performance and unbeatable speed, Auto technology hails a whole new generation of strap bindings. This season we have added two new models to the AUTO Collection.

How it works: An internal system connects the ankle and toe strap creating a one ratchet entry and exit. As you ratchet the ankle strap, the toe strap automatically tightens, and in unison, draws your boot snuggly into the binding. Releasing the ankle strap simultaneously releases the toe strap. Toe and ankle strap tension are independently customizable. The Set-and-Forget toe strap enables you to set the toe strap tension once and the system returns to that tension every time you strap in.