Friday, November 27, 2009

              With Winter quickly approaching and the days getting darker earlier it is becoming a must to have a lightweight, powerful, headlamp. Enter NIteRider and their amazing lighting systems. Pathfinder of West Virginia stocks a number of NiteRider headlamps including the MiNewt and MiNewt Mini USB and Mini USB Plus. The MiNewt Mini USB Plus is a must have holiday gift for three simple reasons. First, it's amazingly bright at 110+ Lumens, Second it's really lightweight, and Third it's a very inexpensive way to light up the trail in front of you. The plus features a light with the option of attachment, helmet or handlebar, and the USB option allows for easy charging on the fly at school or at work. The MINewt is extremely small and when it's on your head it feels as though it's not even there. So Make sure to come in and check out all of the NiteRider lights at Pathfinder of West Virginia, and get yours before the darkness drives you crazy!

Now With Battery Charging Indicator!
110 + Lumens
USB rechargeable Li-ion Battery Pack
Lightweight – 175g
3:00 Run Time

LED Headlamp
Li-Ion Battery Pack
Handlebar Mount - Fits up to 31.8mm
4.5 HR Smart Charger
Helmet Mount (Plus model)
36” Extension Cable (Plus model)